Theralase® has everything you need in a therapeutic laser

Cutting-edge technology, fast and effective healing, and an affordable price point makes Theralase® an ideal choice for veterinarians.

In the late 1960s, in the era of Martians and ray guns, laser therapy was touted as a futuristic treatment that was just beginning to make its way into mainstream medicine. Surgical lasers made their debut first, since it was easier to witness their effects on tissue; however, therapeutic lasers came soon after, as further research demonstrated their healing effects. Therapeutic lasers soon attracted the attention of healthcare practitioners, but options were limited, as few companies had the knowhow on how to develop high quality products at affordable price points.

Laser therapy made accessible

In 1994, Theralase® came onto the scene, dedicated to designing, manufacturing, and distributing high quality, cutting-edge therapeutic laser systems at an affordable price. Their Cool Laser Therapy (CLT) systems were embraced by healthcare practitioners, who utilized them to eliminate pain in their patients, starting with knee conditions and then advancing to reducing inflammation and accelerating tissue healing for numerous nerve, muscle, and joint conditions. Twenty-five years later, Theralase® is a leader in the CLT field and has expanded into the research and development of anti-cancer treatments. In fact, the company’s motto is “Healing at the Speed of Light®”.

In 2004, Theralase® began in-licensing, researching and developing Photo Dynamic Compounds (PDCs). PDCs are light-sensitive molecules that have the ability to localize to cancer cells, bypassing healthy cells, and when light-activated, produce destructive forms of oxygen within the cancer cells to destroy them. The PDCs induce oxidative stress within the cancer cell and hence elegantly destroy it from the inside out. Theralase® is now actively researching and developing safe and effective ways to destroy various forms of cancer.

Research and products

Theralase® executes on the company’s mandate through scientific, preclinical and clinical research in each of their two divisions – Anti-Cancer Therapy (ACT) and Medical Laser Technology (MLT). Theralase® CLT exposes tissue to laser energy at two different wavelengths, within the visible and near infrared spectrums, triggering a chain of biochemical reactions within the cells to induce tissue healing and pain reduction. Using laser diodes to deliver up to 100,000 mW of power deep into injured tissue, these systems offer a highly effective, noninvasive, and pain-free treatment alternative for a wide range of nerve, muscle, and joint conditions.

Looking to the future

Theralase®, in both the ACT and MLT divisions, plans to launch new, innovative pain and oncology solutions in 2021. They have also demonstrated that their lead PDC is able to destroy a variety of viruses, including H1N1 Influenza and Zika. Next in the research phase is whether or not it is able to destroy coronaviruses, including COVID-19. If successful through a Phase III clinical study, and with the regulatory approval of Health Canada, the Theralase® COVID-19 vaccine could be commercialized across the world. (Note: the company does not claim or profess that they have the ability to treat, cure, or prevent contraction of the COVID-19 coronavirus.)


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