The benefits of virgin olive oil for dogs

A look at the benefits of virgin olive oil and how it can be used to support the health of your canine patients. 

Organic virgin olive oil is filled with essential beneficial ingredients that can benefit animals. Daily administration of pure cold-pressed virgin olive oil may benefit an animal’s cardiovascular system by serving as a healthy dietary fat.1 It contains over 100 diverse proteins that also serve to protect the cardiovascular system. A wealthy source of omega-3-fatty acids, virgin olive oil can provide moisture to help promote a shiny coat. It also helps preserve the softness of the skin and prevent faking, especially in the dry, winter months.5,6

Another valuable attribute of virgin olive oil is its capacity to boost plasma levels of high-density lipoproteins and reduce levels of low-density lipoproteins which can lead to a buildup of plaque in the arteries.3 Increasing the levels of high-density lipoproteins also protects animals from oxidative stress and prevents blood from clotting or blocking arterial pathways.3 Administering olive oil to dogs as part of their diet can alter their fatty acid profile to increase the levels of oleic acid and di-homo-gamma-linolenic acid – an essential nutrient that the body does not produce on its own.4

Sourcing and dosing considerations

Virgin olive oil is full of phenolic compounds due to the miniscule refinement process of cold-pressing olives.1 Cold-pressing breaks up the whole olive into little pieces and naturally separates the oil from the olives without the use of heat, which can strip vital nutrients.1

Virgin olive oil is less acidic than olive oil which makes it easier to digest.6 Due to a shorter refinement process, virgin olive oil also contains a larger antioxidant profile than olive oil, which increases its ability to combat free radical damage.1,6 Some companies may choose to use the cold pressing method and then add additional oils such as palm oil to decrease the cost of production. However, the growth and production of palm oil comes with an expensive price tag on the environment through deforestation and eradication of endangered animal’s homes.2

Virgin olive oil is safe for dogs to consume over extended periods of time as long as appropriate dosing is applied.3

Organic virgin olive oil & HempMy Pet™

HempMy Pet™ intentionally chooses to use certified organic, sustainably-sourced pure cold-pressed virgin olive oil, meaning that no other oil is added to the product that may dilute its purity. The company utilizes certified organic virgin olive oil as a carrier oil  in their 5,000 mg full-spectrum hemp-infused virgin olive oil product.  When a hemp extract is “full spectrum”, it means that the entire cannabis plant is utilized including the flower, leaves, stem, and sprouts to create a synergistic effect on the body known as the entourage effect.8

HempMy Pet™ goes the extra mile to obtain a certification of analysis for their organic virgin olive carrier oil, so customers know exactly where the oil originates from. Each batch is third party analyzed and tested to ensure purity, potency and safety for every pet.

HempMy Pet™’s certified organic virgin olive oil can be utilized for horses or as a more affordable option for a multi-dog household. The equine formula comes with an easy-to-use pump top that dispenses .5 cc per pump (approximately 20 mg). Pet parents can offer it to their animals by adding it to their food, or by encouraging them to lick it directly off their hands. The full-spectrum formula can be used on an everyday basis to promote emotional care and wellbeing, or during periods of heightened stress or anxiousness.


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