According to AVMA, one in four dogs is likely to develop cancer, and half of canines over the age of ten suffer from the disease. Cats are also at significant risk. Pet owners who see their animals suffering from cancer know how taxing the experience is — and they are not alone. Veterinarians have to cope with certain limitations while trying to ensure the best possible treatments and outcomes. However, an innovative company called ImpriMed has answers that can make the cancer treatment journey easier and more streamlined for your patients and their owners.

ImpriMed is the brainchild of two visionary Stanford graduates who were on a mission to curtail cancer. Instead of exploring the avenue of drug development, they came up with the novel idea of quickly identifying available medicines that can bring the best clinical results on a case-by-case basis. To make their idea a reality, the relevant data were collected, state-of-the-art AI-based tools were developed, and ImpriMed was born.

The company initiated its services in the sphere of veterinary cancer, with a plan to expand into the domain of human oncology. They currently provide personalized drug prediction profiles for canine lymphoma and leukemia. Since ImpriMed’s inception, more than 8,200 tests have been ordered and reported for canine lymphoma alone.

The company’s personalized prediction profile provides vets with information on the likelihood of patient responses to CHOP and 13 other single-agent drugs. You also get an estimate of response timing and the efficacy probability of CHOP alternatives. For both first-time and relapsed patients, you can receive immunophenotyping insights, and can get reports that track different stages of their cancer. You can also access drug predictions specifically for animals belonging to clients who cannot or do not want to visit you weekly. Additionally, ImpriMed offers clonality testing reports, which are formulated by performing PCR for antigen receptor rearrangements.

Cancer is an invasive disease that often presents to veterinarians as a race against time. Applying the most suitable and efficient treatments during the early stages is pivotal. With the ImpriMed platform, you can get personalized drug recommendations within a week. This report helps you stay clear of drugs with a high probability of being inefficacious, while also providing you with a list of drugs that AI algorithms calculate as being most likely to cause remission. These reports are significantly substantive because the AI calculations are based on an elaborate proprietary database of real-life clinical outcomes.

Pet owners whose animals are diagnosed with cancer suffer emotional upheaval. And once they set out on a treatment journey, they can be shattered by hearing the news that the recommended remedy did not work. It can also be frustrating for the veterinarian to confront situations in which treatments yield zero results and precious time elapses.

ImpriMed’s breakthrough technology is validated by clinically-proven results — peer-reviewed and published in renowned scientific journals. Collaborating with ImpriMed means you will have the peace of mind to go with the best possible data-backed treatment for your cancer patients. Above all, it can potentially save lives and give your clients the joy of seeing their four-legged companions healthy again.

The ImpriMed platform is a harbinger of personalized cancer treatment. It gives veterinarians much-needed access to valuable and precise prognostic information that can markedly increase early cancer remissions.


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