Artificial intelligence helps veterinarians make the right decisions in far less time, giving your pet a greater chance at recovery. 

Cancer is a dreaded disease, whether it afflicts humans or animals. It’s hard to break the news to a client that their dog or cat has cancer, even if it is at an early and curable stage. The pet owner’s emotional attachment to their animal needs to be considered when they’re being counseled about next steps.

In addition, the traditional cancer treatment process takes its toll on the pet owner, who is already upset by learning their animal has the disease. During the course of treatment, the animal and client have to endure different stages with patience and perseverance.

Now, however, cancer treatment plans can be accompanied by more hope. The amalgamation of technology and biological science promises a much more comfortable treatment journey, resulting in earlier remissions.

Artificial intelligence to the rescue

The advent of data science and the development of sophisticated algorithms have paved the way for medical precision. Scientists have collected enough medical data to establish successful drug efficacy against a particular malady. Artificial intelligence can now swiftly generate data-based reports about drug suitability for early disease eradication.

Traditional treatment protocols do not give the same level of confidence to owners that artificial intelligence-based precision medicine offers. AI-backed diagnostics and treatment plans ensure that the best protocol is chosen. Precision medicine helps veterinarians give their clients peace of mind, and invokes an element of trust in the chosen treatment plan.

ImpriMed platform

ImpriMed is a platform that provides veterinarians with a comprehensive and personalized drug prediction profile. It tests live cancer cells for drug response and uses state-of-the-art AI models in conjunction with a proprietary clinical database to identify the drugs most likely to bring the best clinical outcomes. You can have access to the ImpriMed precision report within three to seven days of the biopsy and chart out the best treatment regimen for your client’s furry companion.

ImpriMed has already assisted more than 200 veterinary oncologists in providing individually tailored treatment plans for leukemia and lymphoma cases. The AI-backed tech comes with clinically proven results published in reputable scientific journals. You can now confidently use data-validated treatment that can save precious time – and avoid drugs that may not show results.

Embracing precision medicine for cancer treatment can translate to earlier remissions and happy clients.


Dr. Omer Rashid earned his veterinary degree in 2002 from University of Agriculture Faisalabad, and quickly followed that with a Master’s degree in Parasitology. He worked for several years in veterinary practice with small animals, as well as horses and livestock. He studied advanced pharmacology at Charles Darwin University in Australia, and discovered his love for writing while working as a science writer for a research company with clients such as Harvard, Stanford and Cambridge universities. Along the way, Dr. Rashid developed an interest in integrative veterinary health, and he joined Redstone Media Group as Associate Editor of IVC Journal and veterinary content developer in 2022.


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