Homeopathic treatment of feline asthma

Isis, a 7-year-old female spayed Bengal cat, presented with Feline asthma. She was on a canned and dry food diet. She had chronic coughing since 6 weeks of age that was non-responsive to conventional treatment, yet in the face of this ill health her vaccines were continued annually. Six hours after getting her annual boosters at age 5, including the first of two FIP vaccines (she was an indoor cat never exposed to other cats so was not a candidate for this vaccine), she had to be admitted to the hospital for oxygen with a severe asthma attack. She had blue, swollen lips. With conventional treatment of 3-4 medications, she continued having asthmatic respiration with occasional hospitalizations for the next 2 years.

Because the side effects of the medicines included lethargy and lack of play, the parent wished for holistic care. Homeopathic Thuja occidentalis, given carefully while she was withdrawn from drugs over one month, completely resolved the asthma problem as well as improving the chronic minor cough she had since kittenhood.

She lived to 18 and had no conventional drugs and no asthmatic breathing. She was treated every 6 months or so to work at permanently curing her cough and a few minor skin issues. At age 10 her elderly guardian had to move into a nursing home. She lived alone in the house for a month while the neighbor fed her, then the neighbor’s mother (with several cats and dogs) adopted her. She managed that stress with no major problems and no recurrence of the asthma.

She had a rodent ulcer appear and disappear twice (treated with homeopathic Nitric acid), then some skin issues (treated with homeopathic Sulphur), as the body worked through different levels of energetic imbalance healing.