Homeopathic treatment of canine renal failure

Dudley” presented as a 15-year-old neutered male Yorkie with kidney problems. In June of 2001 he had diarrhea and vomiting every 2 hours while at the same time drinking tons of water. The emergency hospital administered IV fluids and antibiotic shots. Blood values: Creatinine 1.77, BUN 36.9, Phos 10.36. He was discharged on “senior” dog food and no other treatment.

During the next few months he worsened: drinking tons of water, urinating very often, not eating, losing 2 pounds (huge for a small Yorkie), becoming very incontinent during the night, eyes watery, shivering early in the morning and sometimes early p.m., overall not feeling well, dark black lumpy mole under right arm. He still had good energy on dog walks.

An initial prescription of homeopathic Natrum muriaticum resolved the incontinence but nothing else.  Homeopathic Bryonia, repeated when needed at increasing potencies, resolved all this dog’s problems. Tinkle Tonic (herbal renal support) was used daily for the first few months, then discontinued.

The owner switched to a fresh food diet, did not vaccinate and learned how to not worry so much. As of June 2002 (one year after initial presentation to the emergency clinic), he was eating well, eyes were clear for the most part, mole is basically gone, drinking and urinating were normal, he had good energy every day, slept well, not restless, no tummy aches and his blood values returned to normal. He lived another 4 years with no problems and died in his sleep at age 20.