“Heidi” presented September 2000 as a 14-year-old spayed female German Shepherd with a growth on her right eye that looked red and angry (local vet said “cancerous”.) It was attached to the third eyelid and covered half of the eye. It bled easily when rubbed or even touched gently. It was very sensitive to touch, causing this nice dog to growl. There were also 2 firm growths on the right paw and in the middle of the chest. The owner gave Thuja 200c in July when it was first noticed and there was no change. She repeated Thuja 200c in August to no avail. She then gave Thuja 1M and the next day the tumor was more swollen and dripping blood. She had been deaf since1998.

I prescribed Nitric acid 200c on September 8, 2000. From 9/14 to 9/18 she had normal hearing which convinced the very skeptical husband that there was something to this homeopathy.  By 9/24 there was no blood when touching the tumor and it was smaller, though varied in size and shape, and she was back to normal energy and appetite. An LM potency of Nitric acid was given every 1 to 4 days for the next 3 months, then a single dose of 10M Nitric acid was given.

By April 2001, she was behaving like a young dog (Almost knocked the husband over which she had not done in years), woofing and pesky and pushy and sitting and bouncing up and down. She was going on 4 mile walks with running, leading and being adventuresome. The tumor was completely gone, there was no eye discharge, the ears were clear, there was no snoring and her appetite was fine. She was kicked by a horse a year later and died instantly.