What millennials want from their vets

A recent survey revealed key elements that millennials want in a veterinary visit, and how to ensure they remain loyal to a clinic.

Millennials might get a bad rap, but 75% have companion animals, and many make veterinary care a top priority. An independent survey released by Weave revealed what millennials want from their veterinary clinic experiences, what makes them move on from a clinic, and what helps them maintain loyalty. Here are some key findings:

92%of millennials are as concerned about their animals’ health as their own.

Only15%will always answer their phones even if they don’t know who’s calling, but 81% would definitely answer if they saw it was their veterinarians.

81%want their vets to automatically recognize them when they call; 72% say they have had to wait while their vets look up their accounts.

Millennials also like their veterinarians to be tech savvy. “They have grown up with technology, and expect that tech to enhance all experiences throughout their lives, including purchases like veterinary care for their animals,” says Brandon Rodman, CEO at Weave. “They require tailored services…. You can’t provide personalization without the right technology.” getweave.com


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