From left to right: Dr. Kevin Hallock, dean of the SC Johnson College of Business; Jodi Korich, DVM, associate dean for education; and Lorin D. Warnick, DVM, PhD, the Austin O. Hooey Dean of Veterinary Medicine. All three are involved in the launch of Cornell’s new Center for Veterinary Business and Entrepreneurship. Photo courtesy of Rachel Philipson.

The Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine is launching a new disciplinary business program centered around research, training and outreach.

Veterinary academia has largely ignored the business of veterinary medicine as a subject for teaching and research – until now. The Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine is launching the Center for Veterinary Business and Entrepreneurship (CVBE), a new inter-disciplinary program intended to spur research, training and outreach in veterinary business, thereby improving animal healthcare.

The CVBE focuses on four programmatic pillars: education, economics research, entrepreneurship and intrapreneurship. It will offer a variety of educational programs including a new DVM certificate program, as well as post-graduate executive education. The center will also establish a veterinary economics research program.

As part of the launch, Cornell now offers two new courses for veterinary students: Veterinary Practice Management and Agile Innovation, an experiential course that teaches students creative problem-solving skills that can be applied to animal health challenges. More courses are to come.


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