The Veterinary Advantage Program from HempMy Pet™ gives you a flexible way to offer the highest quality hemp oil.

All veterinary practices have patients that could experience a significant reduction in their symptoms if they were prescribed hemp oil. HempMy Pet’s high quality range of hemp products meets a unique set of criteria:

  1. Full-spectrum, strain-specific hemp extract — This form has the greatest medicinal value, the highest number of compounds (offering more benefits), and is the least processed CBD oil.
  2. Third-party tested — HempMy Pet tests every batch to ensure it meets potency specifications and purity.
  3. Organic, human grade — Products are gluten-free, GMO-free, pesticide-free, cruelty-free, and vegan (except their Pumpkin Harvest biscuits, which contain eggs). HempMy Pet never uses any fillers, flavors, synthetic or unnecessary additives. All ingredients and formulations are 100% human grade.


HempMy Pet’s products target a number of both physical and mental health-related issues in pets, including:

Canine osteoarthritic-related pain: HempMy Pet’s CBD Oil Formula is clinically proven to effectively treat pain in osteoarthritic dogs.

Anxiety/mood: HempMy Pet’s second clinical study showed that their hemp oil reduced anxiety in horses while travelling.

Epileptic seizures: Studies have shown that CBD products can help reduce the frequency of seizures in dogs.*

Mobility problems: CBD products can help with mobility issues in dogs because they target pain and reduce inflammation, making it easier for dogs to move effectively.

Inappetence: CBD is clinically proven to increase appetite and prevent nausea in dogs, making it a great option for cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy.


Now more than ever, clients are looking for natural products to ease their pets’ symptoms. Hemp products can be a great tool in conjunction with other remedies to help patients that are experiencing a variety of ailments.

Minimum training is required when it comes to hemp products. HempMy Pet makes the transition easier by having a Head of Research, Toxicologist, who can help guide you on the pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics of hemp in animals.


HempMy Pet knows that the rules and regulations around CBD change depending on location. That’s why they offer three distribution options — Wholesale, Dropship, and Affiliate — so you can find the distribution option that works best for your practice and level of comfort with hemp products.

*Colorado State University. “CBD clinical trial results on seizure frequency in dogs ‘encouraging’.” ScienceDaily, 21 May 2019.


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