The concentration of gut microbiota in our canine and feline patients can be disturbed by different factors, leading to issues that are detrimental to the animal’s health. Recommending the regular use of an effective probiotic is a good strategy for avoiding an altered gut microbiota and the resulting adverse effects. Many veterinary probiotics are available in the market, but Visbiome Vet has an edge thanks to its formulation.


For the normalization and maintenance of gut health in dogs and cats, Visbiome Vet is your go-to choice. It features the De Simone Formulation, which encompasses a blend of eight different bacterial strains. Studies have shown that using different bacterial strains in a probiotic formulation yields superior efficacy. Visbiome Vet also has a higher potency level compared to other probiotics because it has higher concentrations of bacterial strains. It contains 225 CFU live bacteria per packet, and 112.5 billion CFU live bacteria per capsule, making it one of the most potent probiotics on the market. Its efficacy has been validated by different placebo-controlled studies in dogs with GI disorders and kidney dysfunction.


Visbiome Vet is the most studied probiotic on the market. Along with having the highest potency, the product is kept refrigerated from production to distribution. It is shipped in insulated containers with ice packs and a sensor that monitors the temperature to ensure product efficacy and safety. All these features ensure your clients get an effective probiotic to help keep their furry companions healthy and playful. A regular daily intake of Visbiome Vet means your patients will experience a reduction in loose stools caused by environmental stress or dietary change. The probiotic also supports the protective layers of the bowel, maintains proper gut flora, and helps with normal kidney function.

The Visbiome Vet website hosts more than 800 five-star reviews from clients — a good measure of client satisfaction. Recommending a veterinary product with proven effectiveness is a win-win for both vets and clients. A high-potency probiotic that helps animals achieve and sustain normal gut microbiota is going to result in healthy pets and happy clients. And client happiness translates to client retention, which means more revenue for your practice.


Visbiome Vet has devised daily intake recommendations based on the individual requirements of pets, and has already charted out dosage recommendations for dogs and cats belonging to different weight brackets. The product comes in convenient packaging for easy veterinary application.


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