Monitoring a diabetic pet’s glucose can feel overwhelming for pet owners without the right equipment and advice.

Telling pet owners their much-loved dog or cat has diabetes is never easy. In addition to concern for their pet, owners must also contend with what may seem like spiraling costs and a high learning curve in caring for their pet’s new condition. While a diagnosis of diabetes will never feel like a good thing, it is possible to alleviate some of their fears with education and the right equipment. That’s where PetTest and their glucose monitor comes in.

PetTest manufactures blood glucose meters and test strips that make glucose monitoring easier, more reliable and more affordable than many of their competitors.

“Our mission is to bring quality and affordable products to the diabetic pet market and make life easier for diabetic pets,” says Steven Thuss, President and COO of PetTest.

“Many people are not even aware there is a viable alternative to far-more-expensive models out there,” Steven says. “Our PetTest blood glucose monitoring system for pets with diabetes is designed for accurate, quick results so owners can be on top of their pet’s diabetes management.”

Innovative Diabetes Technology

“The PetTest system is designed to work with a smaller sample, making it much easier for both the pet and the owner,” he says. “Not only do we offer a painless glucose testing kit, but also the Glucose SOS Energy Boost for diabetic and non-diabetic pets.”

The glucose monitor offers the following features:

  • No coding required
  • Accurate & precise results
  • Smallest sample size needed (0.3mcL)
  • Positive visual confirmation of species tested
  • Extremely easy to use
  • 400 test memory
  • One-button switch between dogs & cats
  • 7-, 14-, and 28-day averages
  • Test results in 5 seconds
  • Free downloadable data management system that allows owners to share data with their veterinarian

The Glucose SOS Energy Boost for Pets is a fast-acting glucose product that raises a pet’s blood sugar quickly and effectively. Unlike typical remedies like Karo syrup or honey on the gums, the Glucose SOS Energy Boost provides a controlled, precise and repeatable treatment of a concentrated glucose gel in each tube. Pets love the meat stew flavoring.

PetTest’s History

A subsidiary of Pharma Supply Inc., the PetTest brand started in 2015. Pharma Supply has created products for humans with diabetes since 2005, before adding pet diabetes products to its offerings.

While PetTest’s parent company was founded by Steven, Frank Suess and Oliver Suess, Steven has been the chief founder in charge of the pet end of the business. “I sort of ran with the PetTest idea back then and have been extremely proud of the maintained growth of the brand since its inception.”

Helping Diabetic Pets

Steven’s love for animals created a desire to volunteer for a pet rescue organization, but he never felt he had enough time. “With PetTest, I figured being able to help diabetic pets in need was the second-best thing I could do with my background in the industry.”

PetTest is a proud of sponsor DDO University—a free online training course for anyone wishing to better understand canine diabetes, Steven says. “We also sponsor CDSI Helping Hands, a non-profit organization helping people who cannot afford vet bills or supplies needed to treat a diabetic dog.”

Knowing that PetTest is making a difference in the lives of diabetic pets and their owners around the world is what makes Steven happy to go into work every day. “It’s been as much or more fulfilling than the human aspect of the business I dealt with prior to starting the PetTest brand. People are much more appreciative when you help their pets.”


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