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Veterinarians who started using PhytoMAXX™ for pain management and separation anxiety are now using it for more complex issues. Clients want to buy hemp extract from the veterinarian, and not an unknown company, so the income potential increases further.
When using CBD, understanding the potential available to you is of the utmost importance to you and your staff. It’s also important to understand the laws surrounding cannabis use in your area. Doctors and techs should be educated on absorption rates and proper dosing of CBD. When you purchase PhytoMAXX™, an educational brochure for future and existing clients is supplied.
PhytoMAXX™ can be implemented in your clinic immediately after purchase. Clients can begin using the product at home as soon as proper instructions have been provided to them. As experts in hemp extract, Animal Nutritional Products is able to offer any information required by you or your client.
Veterinarians and pet parents have successfully used PhytoMAXX™ for a wide range of health concerns, including pain, separation anxiety, skin issues, sterile cystitis, lack of appetite and IBD. Compared to tramadol, galliprant and fluoxetine, this product has been reported by pet parents to have a longer half-life (three to four hours more). While this result has not been clinically studied, it has been tested in clinics and through observation.


PhytoMAXX™ Plus is a full spectrum hemp extract available in a liquid or chewable formula that addresses the CB1, CB2 and TRPV1 receptors. These receptors are prevalent in the body and brain of the endocannabinoid system in all animals. The formulation is designed to repair this system, which controls the CNS, immune and GI systems. This hemp extract can eliminate or reduce the need for NSAIDs and fluoxetine consumption, and can be used as part of a multimodal regime for many everyday health issues in animals.

The attention given to CBD by the internet and media is overwhelming — there is a lot of “canna-confusion” out there,and clients are struggling to find safe, effective and fairly-priced products. Veterinarians are capitalizing on the CBD boom; the key is to purchase from a reputable company that knows the laws and regulations. PhytoMAXX™ is a veterinary exclusive product, so your clients won’t find it on the internet.

Clients are much more educated about alternative medicine these days, but they still need guidance when it comes to CBD. They are seeking alternative ways to alleviate issues other medications sometimes can’t help with, and offering a safe and effective hemp extract like PhytoMAXX™ offers them peace of mind with third party lab testing.


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