Nature’s Logic® is committed to being 100% natural

What started as a simple idea has grown into an industry-changing pet food company with a commitment to using only natural ingredients.

Back in 2006, Nature’s Logic® founder Scott Freeman asked a pivotal question – is it possible to create a complete animal diet, with all the essential nutrients, from only whole foods? He discovered it was, and became devoted to reshaping the pet food industry around this concept.

At the time, pet foods without artificial ingredients were still an innovative idea. “Being 100% natural is our hallmark,” says CEO David Yaskulka. “All the vitamins and minerals in our recipes come from food ingredients, not synthetics, which often come in packets made in China.” By avoiding the latter, Nature’s Logic prevents problems such as vitamin toxicity – a common issue that led to a 2019 FDA warning and recall on many pet food brands. It also means that dogs and cats receive all the nutrients they need from their meals, without requiring additional supplementation in most cases.

Relying on natural ingredients continues to guide the company’s decisions, especially when it comes to keeping up with today’s pet food trends. Nature’s Logic recently launched a grain-free kibble for dogs – a food category that is beneficial for many animals despite recent controversy. “We know some pets truly do require a grain-free diet,” says David. The key, of course, is feeding a high quality brand that doesn’t just swap grains with legumes and other cheap ingredients in order to lower costs. “Our grain-free diet is, like all our diets, high in animal protein, so it’s rich in natural taurine and methionine-cystine,” he adds. “And we don’t replace grains with high-glycemic substitutes like potatoes, peas, or other legumes like chickpeas or soybeans.”

While making high quality pet food has always been top priority at Nature’s Logic , the company also dedicates time and resources to championing other areas of sustainability. The company is an active member of the Pet Sustainability Council (PSC), and their headquarters, as well as their kibble and bag manufacturing facilities, are powered by 100% renewable electricity. For every pound of food sold, they purchase one kilowatt hour of renewable electricity. Their latest goal is to help some of their partners also become powered by renewable electricity. “We continue to explore as many ways as possible to make our carbon footprint smaller,” explains David, adding that Nature’s Logic is the first pet company to become certified plastic-neutral. This means their packaging balances the quantity of produced plastic with an equivalent quantity of recycled plastic, to offset their carbon footprint.

Nature’s Logic was built on the idea that pet food should contain all natural ingredients with no synthetic vitamins or other additives. This goal has continued to serve the company well in product development, customer retention and more – and has led them to make conscious, sustainable choices for the sake of their customers and the planet. “Staying true to our roots allows us to look with confidence to the future,” says David. “We’re excited for what’s to come.”


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