What is it and why are periodontists adopting its use in record numbers?

We are all familiar with iodine. As an antiseptic, it has become a global standard of care in infection control. Its excellent therapeutic benefit outweighs its staining potential. What you may not know is that povidone iodine contains a substance that, while present in only trace amounts (1-3 ppm), is responsible for all its biocidal efficacy.1


The term “povidone iodine” may be misleading because it is not just one substance. It is an aqueous solution of several different species of iodine that are physically-complexed to a large organic molecule, polyvinylpyrrolidone. These iodine species are in dynamic equilibrium and are present in an aggregate concentration of approximately 31,600 ppm.2

One of these species, molecular iodine (I2), is truly a “super iodine.” This non-staining, antimicrobial agent has powerful, broad spectrum activity against viruses, bacteria, fungi and spores. I2 is so safe for animals and humans that it is considered an essential nutrient, required for the prevention of iodine-deficiency diseases.3

Recently, I2 solutions have been developed and patented (ioTech International, Boca Raton, FL) that have all of the advantages of povidone iodine and none of their disadvantages. These non-staining solutions are far more effective, much safer to use, and do not permit the development of bacterial resistance.4 ioRinse, a patented I2 oral rinse, was university-tested for its effectiveness against SARS-CoV-2. Compared to other rinses recommended by the American Dental Association, it was the only rinse found to be fully effective.5 Subsequent studies have shown it to be the only COVID rinse proven to be effective in the presence of saliva.6

Because I2 is so rapidly effective against periodontal pathogens, its use has become commonplace in dental offices throughout the US. It is used in-office as a pre-procedural rinse and for subgingival irrigation. Thousands of dental offices sell or recommend ioRinse RTU to their patients for daily, at-home rinsing to help control periodontal disease. These offices are seeing far better periodontal treatment outcomes since their patients have been using I2 rinses, irrigants, and gels.


Two recent clinical studies of dogs, conducted under VOHC guidelines, determined the feasibility of using a nutritional quantity of I2 as a daily pet drinking water additive.7 The studies showed an average reduction in dental plaque of 44% compared to the placebo-treated group over one month (Figure 1). This compares very favorably to a plaque reduction of only 37.4% for once-daily brushing, and 24.8% for once-every-other-day, veterinarian-supervised brushing for the same time period.8

IoVet ORAL(www.iotechinternational.com) is an innovative, patented, I2 pet drinking water additive now available for veterinarians to recommend or sell to clients. It is an important advance in veterinary dental care that is well accepted by pets and supports a lifetime of healthy mouths.

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