Good nutrition forms the foundation of good health. Homeopathy and nutrition form a powerful synergistic force to bring healthy balance to individuals. Classical homeopathic treatment helps nutritional therapy, while good nutrition assists classical homeopathy. Dr. Samuel Hahnemann, the founder of classical homeopathy, realized the importance of vitamins and minerals before these nutrients had names (late 1700s to early 1800s). He realized that proper nutrition was essential for restoring balance to the body (Aphorisms 76, 77, 78 in The Organon of Medicine, 6th ed.).

Chronic disease interferes with the body’s ability to extract and use essential nutrients. Additionally, for many reasons, we often deal with animals affected by poor nutrition (e.g. rescue dogs, or those with obvious diet deficiencies). The diet may be insufficient in quantity, quality, or both.

In practice, it is often tricky to sort out nutritional problems from chronic disease. My approach is to improve nutrition as much as possible, and also treat the total symptom picture with the most similar homeopathic remedy, while eliminating drugs and harmful chemicals.

As we see balance returning, the body begins to use nutrients better, and will thrive without a lot of supplements. There will also be fewer aggravations from certain foods, or food allergies. The “balanced” animal can eat a variety of foods without much supplementation, and without symptoms. This is the goal of homeopathy.

See the table at right for some key homeopathic medicines to consider for treating animals in which nutrition may be a prominent factor, along with some of the hallmark symptoms of each remedy. As a general rule, remedies can be given in low potency (6c or 30c) with good results in chronic disease treatment.

Consult a professional veterinary homeopath for further guidance in complex cases. Visit for a listing of veterinary homeopaths by state.


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