Solutions that generate income while improving patient health.


Almost every animal that walks into your practice could benefit from blood testing. VDI Wellness Testing focuses on identifying underlying inflammation that could become chronic and serious, nutritional deficiencies, and signs of degenerative joint disease: all common problems that are too often identified late in their development. When detected early, these issues are not always red-flag diagnostics, but more often an alert to areas of concern that may be managed with targeted products. VDI tests provide patient-specific guidelines for recommended products that have been proven safe and effective for these issues.


By introducing Test & Treat wellness into your clinic, you are improving the health of your patients and your practice. Current VDI Test & Treat solutions with integrated dosing guidelines appear in the table below.

VDI offers these tests as a part of various panels for more comprehensive profiles. Common panels include Essential Vitamins, Essential Wellness, and Complete Wellness.


Taking action on abnormal test results gives pet parents confidence that they’re making a difference in their animals’ well-being. VDI partners with companies whose synergistic products allow you to manage patient test results. Safe, effective, and proven supplements are crucial revenue generators, with many being used for the life of the pet.


Test & Treat wellness panels offer a recurring source of practice revenue for the life of the pet. Initial testing should occur with every wellness checkup, followed by recommended products to improve patient health and prevent disease. Repeat testing gets the cat or dog back in the clinic within the year for follow-up. VDI tests and products are priced for up to 100% margin, with annual/biannual testing and ongoing supplementation required.


Minimum training is required. It’s recommended that staff attend a live webinar with VDI to learn about the tests and products. These are scheduled one-on-one with VDI and the clinic. Pet Parent trifolds are available for in-clinic education for your clients.


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