Time is of the essence in prescribing the right drug for lymphoma and leukemia. Artificial Intelligence can help.

Get straight to business by opting for drugs that work.

The prognosis for leukemia and lymphoma in dogs and cats is traditionally quite low. Because these cancers are invasive by nature, they should be confronted at an early stage to increase remission rates. 

Veterinarians are bound to encounter situations in which particular cancer drugs prove themselves ineffective in certain patients. This is not, of course, the fault of the clinicians, as the drugs are recommended on the basis of their known mechanism of action. But it is a fact that animals with different genetic makeups respond differently to medication – and this phenomenon can cause failed treatments, elapsed time, and wasted money.

The time it takes to find the right drug can take a toll on the animal. The chances are high that you might use medicines that end up showing little to no efficacy. As a result, the cancer gets room to progress without inhibition during the course of treatment — jeopardizing the animal’s life. This makes traditional cancer treatment akin to going to war without being sure of having the right weapons.

ImpriMed presents a novel solution

ImpriMed was founded with a vision to counter cancer. The company’s aim was not to manufacture groundbreaking drugs to overcome the disease. Instead, their cancer panacea involved an innovative idea – they used existing clinical data and advanced algorithms to pinpoint the most viable medicine for individual patients. 

Up till now, more than 200 veterinary oncologists have ordered personalized drug response prediction profiles from ImpriMed. And many clinicians have become a witness to success stories that speak volumes about the efficacy of ImpriMed’s prediction profile regarding leukemia and lymphoma. 

ImpriMed is unique because it doesn’t only depend on information about breed, age, or sex to chalk out a drug response probability chart. It works by taking live cells from patients and testing responses to different cancer drugs. The resulting data is then subjected to specialized AI that uses proprietary clinical data to create a personalized drug response profile. 

Choosing the right drug at the very beginning of treatment can be a make-or-break proposition — and ImpriMed is there to help you out. The science behind their solution has been validated by studies published in reputable veterinary journals. When you work with ImpriMed, you are taking a big step toward making the right treatment choice, and saving an animal’s life.

You can expect to receive a personalized drug response prediction profile for your patient after only three to seven days of sample collection. ImpriMed also offers other services, such as immunoprofiling using flow cytometry and PCR for antigen receptor rearrangements, flow cytometry only, and PCR for antigen receptor rearrangements only. 



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