Incorporating fish into a dog’s diet has many health benefits, but there are a lot of low quality fish products out there, leaving many people uncertain about what brand to trust. Alaska Naturals® Wild Alaska Salmon Oil Formula and Wild Alaska Pollock Oil Food Toppers for dogs are sourced from the pristine waters of Alaska. They set the bar high with the following criteria:

  1. Wild-caught, certified sustainable Alaskan fish (salmon and Alaska pollock) — Alaska Naturals® is sourced from certified sustainable fisheries that are naturally low in environmental toxins like pesticides and mercury.
  2. Contains EPA and DHA essential fatty acids — Supplementing dogs’ diets with EPA and DHA supports healthy skin, a shiny coat and cognitive function.
  3. Quality approved — Products bear the NASC Quality Seal; only products made in a facility that is audited and approved can use this logo.


According to Animal Medical Center of Chicago*, some of the benefits of giving dogs fish oil include:

  • Brain health — Studies have shown that dogs with higher amounts of DHA in their diets are more intelligent, easier to train and have better memories.
  • Heart health — Omega-3 fatty acids help dogs manage their cholesterol and blood pressure levels, which helps improve their overall cardiovascular health.
  • Skin and coat health — Fish oils help soothe itchy, dry skin and gives dogs a healthier, shinier coat.
  • Anti-inflammatory properties — Omega-3 fatty acids have anti-inflammatory properties that help boost dogs’ immune systems.


Pet parents are looking for ways to elevate the nutritional value of their dogs’ food without spending a fortune. Alaska Naturals® Wild Alaska Fish Oil Food Toppers for Dogs are a delicious and sustainable addition to any meal. Your clients will feel good about buying these products through your practice, and since they’re a daily part of any good maintenance diet, revenue is recurring.


There are no training requirements for this product. Dosing instructions come on the package.


These supplements deliver that fresh fish taste dogs love, brought to you from sea to shelf by a trusted, family-owned company with nearly 50 years of experience in the seafood industry. Incorporate Alaska Naturals® food toppers into your practice, and experience the wonders of the Alaskan Ocean.

*Solomon, D. D. (2018, August 15). Fish oil for dogs and cats: Six benefits. Animal Medical Center of Chicago Retrieved September 2022, from


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