A recent study released by Veterinarians.org has revealed the highest- and lowest-paying American states for veterinarians. The states were ranked using 2020 U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Here are some highlights:

Arkansas is the highest-paying state for veterinarians in the US. Vets here earn an average salary that’s 146.7% higher than the state’s average salary across all occupations.

The top ten list of highest-paying states also includes: South Carolina (140.5%), West Virginia (136.5%), Idaho, (135.2%), Texas, (133.8%), North Carolina (130.7%), Ohio (126.5%), Florida (125.3%), Oregon (116.0%), and Mississippi (115.4%).

Almost half of the top ten states are also home to highly ranked veterinary schools, including North Carolina State University, Ohio State University, Texas A&M University, and the University of Florida.

Washington is the lowest-paying state with an average salary of $102,080, only 52.7% higher than the average salary across all occupations in the same state.

The other nine lowest-paying states are: Colorado (57.6%), Minnesota (58.0%), Massachusetts (59.2%), Alaska, (61.9%), Oklahoma (67.2%), Nebraska (70.9%), Connecticut (71.6%), Montana (73.3%), and New Mexico (74.3%).



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