Keeps Omega-3s fresh

DHA and EPA Omega-3s from fresh fish oils provide many health benefits to pets. But it’s very important to keep air from mixing with the oils. Oxygen reacts with these sensitive essential fatty acids, oxidizing them and turning them rancid. Rancid oxidized fish oils may be harmful to cats and dogs because they can introduce harmful free radical events to the body – some researchers claim they can be a cause of some cancers.

WellyTails Fortified Wild Ocean Fish Oil Omega-3 Blends are packaged in a special airless medical metered dose pump system that keeps air from mixing with the oils. The revolutionary Stay Ever Fresh Pump System ensures that only fresh Omega-3 oils are fed to your patients. A special cat/kitten version and a dog version of fish oil and coconut oil are also available. WellyTails.com