The level of effectiveness achieved by available probiotics can be questioned and improved

We know probiotics are those helpful bacteria and yeast that support many aspects of gut function, promote animal health, and help prevent diarrhea. We are also aware of a range of probiotic products that are available in the market. But here is a question worth pondering: Can these products be optimized to bring better results, or are they available in the market in their most optimized full and final forms?

The answer is simple. Nothing is perfect, and there is always room for improvement. Most of the available probiotics in the market actually need a multidimensional overhaul to achieve the best possible results. Let’s have a look at some possible ways probiotics can be improved.

There is a strong case for diversifying the bacterial strains in probiotics to amplify gut support. Studies have shown that such an approach can yield better outcomes. There is also a need to increase the potency of the probiotics by increasing the number of live bacteria available in the probiotic doses. In fact, this approach has shown to bring much more positive results in domestic animals.  Another possible way to improve probiotic efficacy could be to have a look at the supply chain and storage protocols.

Visbiome Vet can be seen as a market leader in revolutionizing the impact of probiotics and decreasing certain cases of diarrhea and other gastrointestinal disorders.

What is a Visbiome Vet?

Visbiome Vet is a probiotic formulation marketed by Exegi Pharma. This formulation is ahead of the other probiotic products in three different ways.

  1. It is more potent. The number of live bacteria in Visbiome Vet is considerably higher than the other available probiotics. It has 112.5 billion live bacteria per capsule and 225 billion live bacteria per packet, which makes it 1000 times more potent than some competitors.
  2. It has eight different kinds of live bacteria including lactobacillus, bifidobacterium, and streptococcus strains, which were selected on the basis of their individual characteristics and the ability to produce a synergistic and more powerful effect.
  3. Visbiome Vet has been involved in different peer-reviewed studies and is considered to be the most extensively studied probiotic product for pets. Its efficacy has been validated by seven different clinical trials in canines, with even more studies underway. If you want to learn more about the studies, go here. You can also reach out to for more information.

Visbiome Vet is a natural approach to significantly reduce occasional diarrhea due to dietary changes or environmental stress. It supports the protective layers of the bowel, and it also supports maintaining normal kidney function.

Visbiome Vet is kept refrigerated from production to distribution. During shipping, it is kept in insulated containers with ice packs and a temperature monitoring sensor.


Dr. Omer Rashid earned his veterinary degree in 2002 from University of Agriculture Faisalabad, and quickly followed that with a Master’s degree in Parasitology. He worked for several years in veterinary practice with small animals, as well as horses and livestock. He studied advanced pharmacology at Charles Darwin University in Australia, and discovered his love for writing while working as a science writer for a research company with clients such as Harvard, Stanford and Cambridge universities. Along the way, Dr. Rashid developed an interest in integrative veterinary health, and he joined Redstone Media Group as Associate Editor of IVC Journal and veterinary content developer in 2022.


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