VetBadger’s management software streamlines client communication

Learn how this trusted practice management software company makes client communication easier than ever for veterinarians.

Like all practicing veterinarians, Dr. Alexandra McLaughry has always spent a lot of time communicating with her clients. But something wasn’t adding up for her. Technology was advancing, yet connecting with and supporting pet parents wasn’t getting any easier. She became frustrated with the features and functionality — or lack thereof — of existing practice management systems. Dr. Alexandra wanted software that offered client communication as a primary feature, but it didn’t exist. So in 2016, she enlisted her software engineer husband, Stephen McLaughry, and one of his colleagues, Phil Craven, to design it, and VetBadger was born.

Right from the start, VetBadger’s mission has been to help their customers provide high quality personalized medical service to their clients. Within a short period of time, Stephen and Phil realized that a cloud-based solution would provide many additional benefits that server-based systems would never be able to match.

“As we continue to add features in response to our customers’ needs, we follow the philosophy that software should make the user’s life easier and simpler, instead of adding complexity,” says Dr. Alexandra. “We want our customers to have clients who love coming to the vet, and who would never consider going to another clinic. At the same time, we want our users to go home at the end of the day feeling their software has made them more efficient and effective medical providers.” With their integrated telemedicine platform, two-way integrated email and text messaging, and client messages that go straight into the medical chart, the company is accomplishing everything they set out to do – and more.

So what sets VetBadger apart from other practice management programs? Besides keeping your team on the same page throughout the workday, QuickBooks integration keeps inventory and financials up-to-date in real time. A new feature allows for “tele-visit” video appointments to take place between you and your clients – fully integrated with the patients’ medical records – and something that will help clinics run more smoothly and safely during and in the aftermath of COVID-19. “Our ability to constantly adjust and improve the system gives us the flexibility to match our users’ needs and expectations as the world changes and technology evolves,” says Dr. Alexandra.

The team at VetBadger is motivated by the knowledge that the success of a veterinary practice hinges on client communication. Dr. Alexandra says that one of the biggest problems with owner compliance is confusion, uncertainty and misunderstanding, which underscores the need for better explanations regarding diagnoses and treatment. And of course, the less time spent organizing day-to-day operations, the more time there is to dedicate to what matters most – the patients.

“We are continually working to make it easier for clinics to be more successful with less effort,” says Dr. Alexandra. “Better communication leads to better business and medical outcomes (80% better according to one study). VetBadger provides clinics with the ability to simply and easily provide this enhanced level of service.”


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