Veterinarian and athlete extraordinaire Brittany King (right) successfully conquered the English Channel on September 4 to raise funds for two charities that help fund veterinary care. The experienced marathoner and long distance swimmer, who works at Banfield Pet Hospital in Cypress, TX, was motivated chiefly by her love for the animals she sees every day, and for the vital work being done by Pet Peace of Mind and HOPE funds, which provide financial support for those facing veterinary emergencies. She tells the story of a young dog that had broken both his femurs after being hit by a car. Surgery would have cost $1,600, but the charities, both part of the Banfield Charitable Trust, provided funds so the operation could be performed. “She recovered and came back to see me after a month of rehab,” Brittany recalls. “She came running to the back of the clinic on all four legs, as happy as can be.”

In addition to completing the “Everest of Swimming”, King, who graduated from Grenada’s St George’s University School of Veterinary Medicine in 2010, has completed an Ironman triathlon and scaled Mount Kilimanjaro.