Here’s a good reason to give your patients only healthy, natural, domestically made treats. According to Wenonah Hauter, Executive Director for Food & Water Watch, thousands of dogs have fallen ill or died over the past fi ve years after eating jerky treats made in China.

“…it has come to light that Chinese government offi cials overseeing the factories that make the questionable treats refused to allow US inspectors to collect samples for independent analysis,” she says. “While this lack of cooperation shows an unfortunate disregard for health and safety on behalf of the Chinese government, it’s the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) who has shirked its responsibility to keep US citizens and their pets safe…. The FDA waited until it received 2,000 reports of illnesses and deaths in US dogs before launching its investigation. Although the China investigation took place in April of 2012, it took the FDA four months to admit that they were denied permission from collecting samples from the Chinese facilities. As the FDA dragged its feet, the suspect treats remained on store shelves and put thousands of dogs at risk.”