Talking to clients about microchips

Rattling off these facts may help encourage clients to microchip their beloved companions.

If you work or own a veterinary clinic, it’s important to suggest microchip and microchip memberships to clients during routine visits. Need help nudging them in the right direction? Here are some fast facts about microchips you can rattle off.

1. Microchipping is an easy procedure

Microchips are easy to place inside a pet, so it makes sense to bundle them with another procedure. It saves you time in your busy schedule, and lets your client easily fit in two procedures at one visit. Since it takes less than a minute to place a microchip inside a pet, the process will be smooth sailing for both you and your client.

2. Microchips are cost-effective

We know that clients may be wary about microchips because of the price tag add-on. Who wants to pay 30 to 50 dollars for an implantation procedure? This may be why some pet parents go the DIY route and attempt to do it themselves. It’s important to remind your clients that a one-time cost will help them secure the safety of their animal for a lifetime. Along with this, it’s not safe for a person without practice to place a chip inside a pet. It can lead to further complications if it’s not implanted correctly.

3. They help discourage weight gain

Research conducted by the Banfield Pet Hospital discovered that obese pets live 2 ½ years less than their healthy-weight counterparts. But what does this have to do with microchips? Well, if a pet gains too much weight, it is harder to scan for a chip. It’s important to remind pet parents that weight gain is not only unhealthy, but it could lead to a lost pet without any means of identification.

4. Microchip memberships provide a means to store medical information

Most pet parents aren’t organized enough to remember their pet’s medical history. Between vaccination records and medical history, it’s complicated to keep everything in place. However, with a microchip membership, it’s simple to keep all this information on a computer database. Your client’s can register their pet’s chip, and store information about vaccinations, flea prevention, and other health records. It’s so much easier – for you and your client – when all this data is in one place!

Talk to your clients about a microchip and membership to keep their pets secure. The more pets there are with proper ID, the fewer stray animals there will be on the streets.


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