Smart.Vet: using telehealth to bridge the gap in veterinary patient care

Veterinarians rush to register for clinic-branded telehealth platform that’s up and running in as little as 24 hours. Take that, COVID-19!

In the wake of COVID-19, veterinarians are turning to telehealth technology to help bridge the gap in patient care. Smart.Vet, a telehealth platform designed by practicing veterinarian Dr. Sharon Quinn and her partners, has set up over 200 veterinary clinics all over the world in just the last few weeks alone, as veterinarians endeavour to find their way, both logistically and financially, through the pandemic. Since COVID-19 began, has had over 6500 consultations performed through their system.

“Veterinary care is considered an essential service, but with social distancing and quarantine measures in place, including guidelines on postponing in-person elective and wellness procedures, we are seeing mainly urgent cases in clinic” explains Dr. Quinn. “With our platform, you can have a secure, web-based telehealth option in place — serving clients and patients, and earning revenue — in as little as 24 hours. And right now, that’s more important than ever.”

The Smart.Vet team designed the platform with accessibility in mind, enhancing it over the last 2.5 years. Clients can reach out securely through messaging, phone, or the platform’s own proprietary peer-to-peer video hosting option, using a computer, tablet, or smartphone. This private one-on-one interaction is kept on record so clients can refer to it later.

The company says thousands of pet owners use the service for a variety of reasons. “The cases range from triage of acute problems, to more chronic medical concerns, to post-operative re-evaluations, behavioral and nutritional consults and much more,” says Dr. Quinn.

While the platform has a lot of bells and whistles, veterinary practitioners agree that one of the most compelling advantages is Smart.Vet’s ability to be custom-branded to each clinic rather than a third party site. Clients like Bayridge Animal Hospital in Kingston, Ontario have taken full advantage of the editable landing page that comes included with the platform, showcasing photos of their veterinary staff along with a customized statement to their clients.

“Our patients and families are very important to us,” says Bayridge veterinarian Dr. Jeff Kaufmann. “We are glad to be able to use Smart.Vet’s innovative technology to keep us closely connected to our patients, especially through challenging times.”

The entire experience is simply an extension of the clinic’s services – even client payments can be processed through Smart.Vet. So pet owners never have to leave the branding they’re familiar with.

Smart.Vet offers veterinary clinics a number of advantages, including continuity and accessibility of care, more flexible hours for better work/life balance, improved client compliance and communication, and a way to seamlessly monetize telehealth services.

“Smart.Vet allows us to interact professionally, be attentive to our clients, share information like articles, videos, and estimates, and incorporate billing all in one platform,” explains Dr. Quinn. “Pet parents see huge value in having this dedicated one-on-one communication with their veterinarian, as well as access to their pet’s medical record and consultation history. And it’s so easy to share with their family members, which helps with their decision making.”

Dr. Alan Poon, associate veterinarian at Ontario-based Allandale Veterinary Hospital, agrees. “The simplicity of Smart.Vet makes it easy to use from a computer or handheld device, and I appreciate the functionality of having a centralized platform to reply to messages, perform video consultations and invoice clients with the click of a button,” says Dr. Poon. “Feedback from our pet parents has all been positive. Smart.Vet telehealth has helped advance the high standard of care we provide at our hospital.”

The Smart.Vet telehealth platform is easy to implement because there are no upfront costs. Once it’s up and running, there is a low monthly cost, starting at $99 (which includes two consulting accounts). Additional consulting accounts (DVMs or RVTs/technicians) can be added for the low cost of $40 per month each. Consultations are unlimited and Smart.Vet does not charge transaction fees. With such reasonable prices, many clinics are realizing a Return on Investment (ROI) of 600% or better.

Smart.Vet’s technology has been reviewed by the College of Veterinarians of Ontario (Canada) and it is the only telehealth program in Canada currently operating under an accredited facility. The company serves clients in several countries, including the U.S., Canada, Australia and the U.K. The French language version of the platform is currently being used in dozens of practices as well. Other translations are sure to follow.

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