Virbac Animal Health has announced the winner of the SCE (Society for Comparative Endocrinology) Resident SOLOXINE Abstract Award. Emily Skovira (left) from Auburn University was chosen for her abstract “The Effect of Surgery on the Pituitary-Adrenal Axis in Dogs”.

“Laparotomy stimulates adrenocortical secretion of cortisol and aldosterone in dogs,” states Ms. Skovira. “In the majority of dogs, pituitary secretion of ACTH rises, but not in all. The lack of correlation between cortisol and ACTH concentrations post-operatively suggest the possibility that ACTH-independent mechanisms are responsible for the increase in post-operative cortisol values, or that an early increase in ACTH caused a sustained release of cortisol. The same mechanism may be at play, however, in causing increases in both cortisol and aldosterone secretion. Further studies are indicated to evaluate the effects of various anesthetic protocols and minimally invasive surgical techniques on the stress response.”

The SCE Resident SOLOXINE Abstract Award is based on specific criteria from a distinguished panel of judges compiled of industry experts and academics. Criteria include the clinical relevance of the study, scientific merit, written abstract and the oral presentation of the material.