Programs and apps that improve your practice

Is technology the answer to providing more detailed care to your clients and patients? New programs and apps that digitize records, notes and follow ups mean that you can spend more time educating and caring.

The shift towards relying on practice management programs started as a simple debate over whether or not to switch from paper to electronic medical records. In just a short time, it developed into a new and well-populated market, offering everything from Electronic Medical Records to personalized and branded apps for client download. As more programs develop, it becomes easier to transition to a more efficient way of managing the hustle and bustle of your practice. The opportunity to spend a little extra time answering questions, training with your staff or expanding your own knowledge will help create a better client experience overall – so why not give it a try? Here’s a quick look at some of the efficiency tools available to adventurous veterinarians.

Electronic records and the cloud

A good first step to improving your management system is to make the change from paper to Electronic Medical Records (EMRs). This digitization of records gives your team members direct access to a patient’s entire record at the tips of his or her fingers. EMRs can be updated immediately, and be seen by the whole team – an important stepping stone toward improved communication and efficiency. Making the switch can feel intimidating, so try balancing both systems for the first little while. Enter all new information in your electronic records and keep the paper only for reference.

Another advantage to embracing EMRs is the ability to store them safely within your own system or in the cloud. Cloud based management systems mean records are not subject to the same risk of misplacement as physical records; there is always a back-up. Using the cloud allows for protection from any system troubles or disasters, and lets you access files from home – a convenient perk that many veterinarians find very useful.

There’s an app for that

These days, you can access almost anything with the touch of a phone screen. So why not offer veterinary care that way? New programs have been developed that help you organize client communication through an app that can be branded for your practice. This means appointments, reminders, and follow ups all go through one direct channel. Some apps even have options that allow you to schedule and send out communications automatically. Nothing gets overlooked, and your time is free for face to face interactions.

Talk-to-text technology

A successful veterinary practice is a high-paced environment which makes sitting down to document notes from an appointment, referral or client call nearly impossible. Incorporating talk-to-text technology into your everyday routine can allow you to record appointments and ideas as they happen. Dragon Veterinary Software, for instance, has a curated veterinary vocabulary system that allows you to record, then transfers those recordings automatically to your files. Inspired by busy veterinarians who work to do a thorough job for every patient, this technology keeps track of every detail so you don’t have to waste your time scribbling down notes and trying to remember what transpired.

Our dependence on technology grows every day. In some cases, this dependence is dangerous. But in a veterinary clinic setting, it allows us to be more efficient and more connected to what we do. By freeing up time from administrative duties, you can make yourself more available to clients, which gives them the sense of trust they need to ask more questions, absorb more information, and help their pets live long, healthy lives.