Pheromones are natural chemical signals that animals of the same species use to communicate and interact with one another. Cats and dogs of all shapes and sizes produce a wide range of pheromones, and each sends a different signal that influences behaviors.

Cats use the feline facial pheromone (FFP) to mark their surroundings as safe and to bond with other cats. They do this by rubbing their faces against walls, furniture and even your legs! This pheromone conveys a comforting message that helps cats feel secure in their environment, so they can relax even in times of chaos. Cats that scratch, hide, or urinate outside the litterbox aren’t bad kitties — they’re simply anxious. This type of behavior often stems from feeling nervous or fearful, and is their way of communicating that they’re upset.

To help calm anxious kitties, Scientia Pet™, a new brand of science-backed animal wellness products, offers a collection called bSerene™ which specifically mimics the feline facial pheromone. “During development, we discovered that cat owners were aware that their cats were exhibiting stressed-induced behaviors, but were less aware of the benefits of pheromone calming solutions,” says Chuck Latham, Founder of H&C Animal Health, which owns Scientia Pet.

“In fact, 67% of cat owners have never purchased pheromones and were uncertain as to their benefits and effectiveness,” adds Latham. “It became essential for us to create an innovative and efficacious line of pheromone-based products, and to also educate cat owners that this is a safe and drug-free calming option to give their cats a more comfortable environment.” Notably, the bSerene diffuser is clinically proven to result in a calmer kitty after just seven days of use, and each refill lasts up to 45 days, giving cat owners a full month to observe results.

Synthetic pheromones have long been utilized, recommended, and studied by veterinarians. They are effective because animals of all ages respond similarly to pheromones, resulting in a chemical reaction in the brain. Synthetic pheromone products, such as bSerene diffuser and spray, mark areas for your cat to perceive as safe. They communicate to the cat that there’s no need to be on guard, and that it is safe to relax, almost like putting up Post-it® notes as reminders throughout the house. Pheromones are species-specific and feline pheromones will not affect or influence other animal species or humans in the house.

Stressful situations in which pheromones can help include a new animal or baby in the house, holidays, guests visiting the home, separation anxiety, or extreme weather. Pheromones are also useful for short-term lifestyle or environmental stressors such as car rides, vet visits, loud noises, grooming, or boarding.

It’s important to know that a cat isn’t being “bad” when his behavior is off; these issues arise from humans impacting the cat’s environment. Calming pheromones are an effective solution.

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