During the pandemic, American animal parents have spent more money than ever on their dogs, cats and other pets, exceeding over $100 billion in sales for the first time in industry history. The amount of money Americans are spending on pet supplies, food, treats, vet care, and products has increased significantly since the start of 2020, and is showing no signs of slowing down, according to the American Pet Products Association (APPA).

“This past year presented a host of challenges that resulted in consumers… turning to their pets for comfort and companionship,” says APPA President and CEO, Steve King. “Interestingly, the product trends we are seeing… mirror those of consumers — a desire for a healthier lifestyle, increased focus on fitness, turning to supplements for improved well-being, and technology playing a larger role in everyday life.”

Other trends from this year’s APPA report:

$31.4 billion was spent on veterinary care and products, a 7.2% increase.

$22.1 billion was spent on supplies, live animals, and OTC meds, a 15.1% increase.

$42 billion was spent on pet food and treats, a 9.7% increase.

For more information about APPA’s State of the Industry Report, visit americanpetproducts.org/press_industrytrends.asp


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