New interactive rabies map
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An online interactive map that shows the areas within the United States that have pre-exposure rabies vaccination laws for domesticated small animals

As of March 9, 2018, 36 states and the District of Columbia had pre-exposure rabies vaccination laws for domestic dogs and cats.

Earlier this year, launched a comprehensive interactive map that provides information on state rabies vaccination laws for dogs and cats. Using the online map, you can explore:

  • which states have a pre-exposure rabies vaccination law
  • which animals those laws apply to
  • the age for primary vaccination and booster vaccination
  • whether a certificate or proof of inoculation is issued and whether a tag or tag number is issued after inoculation
  • whether rabies vaccination is required to obtain a license or registration for the animal, and any exemptions to this law
  • details about vaccination requirements for dogs and cats entering a state.

Compiled by a team from the CDC Public Health Law Program and researchers at Temple University, the data includes the laws from all 50 states and Washington, DC that were in effect as of March 9, 2018.

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