The Veterinary Specialty Center of the Hudson Valley (VSCHV) now has the ability to perform Electrochemotherapy (ECT) in the treatment of canine and feline cancers.

ECT has long been available in Europe with over 80 centers currently treating cancers in people. There are a few veterinary centers that are treating pets with great success in Brazil, France, Italy, Ireland, Slovenia and the UK.

Electrochemotherapy involves the passage of electric current via a specific medical device to allow a chemotherapy drug to be taken up directly into the tumor; thereby killing it and sparing normal tissues. The procedure is done under brief anesthesia and is typically a single treatment similar to localized radiation therapy, but without the radiation side effects, need for multiple treatments and high cost. Success in veterinary oncology has been well documented overseas against melanomas, soft tissue sarcomas, mast cell tumors, squamous cell carcinomas, brain tumors and mammary tumors.

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