Sometimes, rehab can only do so much, and dogs need mobility aids to regain their quality of life. Best Friend Mobility allows veterinarians to offer clients with disabled dogs a realistic and affordable alternative to euthanasia. The company offers a range of quality orthopedic surgeon-designed wheelchairs for all types and sizes of dog, from 15 to 175 pounds. They’re made with lightweight but sturdy aluminum frames and stainless steel hardware.

“Our products can improve many things depending on the pet’s malady, like exercise, well being and lifespan,” says Sylvan Newby. The wheelchairs are designed for dogs with normal front leg strength, and can be used for conditions such as hip dysplasia, hind end paralysis, arthritis, spinal diseases or injuries, hind leg weakness, neurological impairments or for rehabilitation and recovery after surgery. The company also offers a couple of unique accessories to complement the wheelchairs. The Performance Sports Harness helps disabled dogs stay active, offers improved range of motion, and can be used for swimming and running, while the Replacement Deluxe Comfort Harness is especially designed for dogs with sensitive skin who spend a lot of time in their wheelchairs.

Best Friend Mobility makes it easy for veterinarians to order wheelchairs for their patients. “You only need to record the weight of the pet to determine which of six sizes would be appropriate,” says Sylvan. “Each chair is fully adjustable/customizable in every dimension so that it should fit 99% of dogs/pets in that weight class.” The company also offers drop shipping and small in-clinic displays.