Maintaining joint health in dogs

Providing dogs with the right amount of antioxidants and fatty acids can assist in the metabolizing of joint supplements and boost their quality of life. 

Metabolic influence has a big role in controlling joint pain in dogs. It can dictate how long it takes to gain favorable results from common joint supplements, thereby playing a significant part in efficacious pain relief. Whether this underlying metabolic influence is protective or degenerative depends largely on the body’s ability to manage antioxidants and oxidation. it also depends on the cellular balance of omega-type fatty acids the dog’s body uses to manufacture prostaglandins.

Canine cells have the ability to manufacture internal antioxidants that protect and guide processes throughout the body. In joints, these antioxidants protect genes responsible for using glucosamine to build collagen. In young animals, these endogenous antioxidants are manufactured in abundance, preserving these genetic codes and the tissues they restore.

Research shows that an age-related decline in antioxidant production contributes to chondrocyte sluggishness, a result of oxidation. By supplying chondroitin sulfate and sufficient levels of antioxidants to compensate for this decline, we help maintain the cartilage, rejuvenating the chondrocyte matrix and facilitating the use of glucosamine and other connective tissue-building blocks to regenerate cartilage and manage joint pain and inflammation.

Supplementing with omega-3 ALA, EPA, DHA and omega-6 linoleic fatty acids in the proper ratio can help establish the correct balance of omega fats in the body. This dictates the related hormone balance needed to restore healthy inflammatory control from yet another pathway. All these safe and health-promoting synergies result in improved long-term success.

Breed characteristics are merely one factor in the unique makeup of dogs. Metabolism is a reflection of the lifestyle given them, and is dependent on the food and supplements chosen, amount of physical activity offered and the environment created by their owners.