Periodontal disease is extremely common in dogs and it’s not just older dogs that are being affected. Statistically, 80% of dogs three years of age or older have some form of gum disease, and only 20% of pet parents know about it.

A combination of things leads to the high number of dogs with gum disease. For starters, most pet parents don’t think about their dogs’ oral health, especially if the dog is young, and gum disease is often hidden by the dog’s jowls. Other reasons for gum disease include unhealthy, over-processed food, unclean toys and irregular teeth brushing.

When pet parents do start thinking about their dogs’ dental care, it’s usually because their veterinarians found an issue, and sometimes by that point, it’s too late. That leads to painful procedures for the patient and an expensive vet bill for the client. Unattended, of course, bacteria will enter via open blood vessels in the bleeding gums and use the circulatory system as a race track to vital organs, where they ravage the organ, and ultimately cause illness or even death to a dog.

Preventative measures like getting professional teeth cleanings, having the client brush their dog’s teeth regularly at home, and dental dog treats are the best defense against periodontal disease.

However, as veterinarians know, getting clients to brush their dogs’ teeth can be difficult, especially if they have a dog that doesn’t like the experience. The other option for pet parents is to give them a dental dog treat, but a lot of dental treats on the market are made with ingredients that aren’t healthy, especially for a dog to consume every day.

Recent third-party research comparing 16 dental dog treats indicated major differences in their effectiveness against harmful oral bacteria, showing that not all dog treats are created equal. One dental treat that is proven to work is Yummy Combs®. With its unique patented honeycomb design, Yummy Combs® flosses 360o around teeth, scrubs away tartar with up to 256 cleaning surfaces, and gets right to the all-important gumline.

Yummy Combs® has also just earned the coveted VOHC Seal of Acceptance for Tartar! This means that Yummy Combs® is recognized for being an effective dog treat in controlling plaque and tartar, making it an excellent choice for your patients’ daily oral care routine.

Yummy Combs is also made with 12 wellness ingredients and 44% superior protein. The PROTEIN IQQ (quantity and quality) of Yummy Combs® was 5 times that of an average of 15 competitive treats. Protein is what professional athletes use to build muscle and vital organs. The other 15 treats had an average of 6.5 times as much starch, which fosters obesity — the #1 nutritional issue of dogs today.

Yummy Combs® patented advanced safety technology reduces the risk of choking and intestinal and esophageal blockages with three patented concepts, to provide peace of mind for dog owners. And dogs love the taste, so your clients won’t have to worry about brushing as much.

Empower your clients to take care of their dogs’ dental health in between checkups and recommend Yummy Combs® as their daily dog treat for an oral care maintenance program!


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