Increase revenue through bodywork!

The state-of-the-art learning platform from Angel’s Animals, LLC makes it easy to incorporate bodywork services into your clinic.

Angel’s Animals, LLC. offers online certification courses in animal bodywork services including massage, craniosacral therapy, kinesiology taping, Reiki and body alignment. Their courses can be started at any time and never expire, so you can work at your own pace and will always have access to the material. Their state-of-the-art learning platform allows students to effectively learn the techniques and successfully incorporate them into their practice. The instructors assess their students through online exams, case studies and video submissions, and strive to ensure that all graduates feel confident in their abilities at the completion of the course. The techniques taught by Angel’s Animals are all very safe to perform and do not require direct veterinary supervision.

What clients love about it

More and more animal owners are looking for less invasive and medication-free options to treat their animals’ pain. Adding animal bodywork services to your practice will allow you to incorporate techniques such as massage and body alignment into treatment programs and generate an additional revenue for your practice. Many animal caretakers have personal experience receiving various forms of bodywork and are often eager to purchase these services for their pets as well.


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