Herbs for Life, Inc. supports animal health with unique botanical medicinals
Joyce and her dog, Aja, aptly named after the West African goddess of forests. This goddess is worshiped in many cultures for her wisdom and planted-based healing regimens.

How Herbs for Life Inc. is a brand striving to sustain the best quality of life for animals through unique and organic botanical formulas

Over ten years ago, Joyce Belcher decided to turn her passion for holistic health into a business. She expanded her studies to focus on herbs and, launched Herbs for Life, Inc. in 2008. Belcher worked with several holistic and integrative veterinarians, creating custom formulas for various illnesses by learning what needed to happen in the animal body with respect to specific plant medicines and how they could heal. Offering a unique line of organic pet supplements as well as herbal medicinals, Belcher’s new company quickly began to thrive…and so did her customers.

From the start, Herbs for Life, Inc. has been dedicated to quality. Every product is made using non-GMO, certified organic or wild-harvested ingredients, and no chemicals are added or used in the manufacturing process. Belcher prides herself on safety and efficacy and plans to continue growing without losing focus of her mission. “Our mission and passion is, and has always been, to help pets get healthy and stay healthy as nature intended,” she says. Whether an animal needs a daily supplement to balance his immune system, or a botanical medicinal to address a more serious issue, Herbs for Life, Inc. is a go-to brand veterinarians can count on.

Adaptogens and tonic herbs form the basis of Belcher’s products. Boasting herbal and superfood formulas for dogs, cats and horses, these wellness blends are created with optimal synergy for optimal results. Her Detox Liver Cleanse, for instance, has been a game-changer for the health of many animals. It works to remove heavy metals, restore normal healthy function of the eliminatory organs (liver, kidneys, lymphatic system, blood and neurological systems), and like all her products, contains no inactive ingredients.

Because there are no fillers, the dosage is significantly smaller than with most other supplements. This means you get more bang for your buck, and the animal’s body doesn’t have to work as hard to reap the benefits. “Fillers have to be processed out of the body,” says Belcher. “Many companies use fillers to make their products less costly, but the animal has to consume a much larger dose and the kidneys and liver then have to work hard to rid the body of what it has no use for, taxing these organs of elimination.” Fillers also reduce the amount of nutrients the body absorbs. Because most herbs are water-soluble, they will pass through the kidneys quickly, and are 100% absorbable. This also makes them safe to take on an ongoing basis.

Given that Belcher’s primary goal has always been to help animals, it’s not surprising that she supports several rescue organizations by donating products, funds and consulting time when there’s a need. She also regularly contributes to several animal health publications. Recently, however, she felt the name of her supplement line, Pet Wellness Blends, didn’t fully encompass the values she so strongly upholds, so she rebranded. This line can now be found under the name Sustenance Herbs, a title that better reflects its ability to support and maintain health. “Sustenance refers to something consumed that sustains life or health,” says Belcher. “And the happiness that pet owners express when their dogs, cats or horses are healthy, happy and feeling great is what keeps me going! SustanenceHerbs.com