Recognized internationally as one of the foremost authorities on equine behavior, Dr. Robert M. Miller has been named the recipient of the 2012 Western Horseman Award.

When Dr. Robert Miller’s video Imprint Training of the Foal was released in 1986, horsepeople around the country seemed to form two camps. The ideas presented by Dr. Miller challenged the assumptions of many horsemen that coddling a newborn foal would limit his/her potential. Others saw a breakthrough in understanding equine behavior and began adopting Dr. Miller’s kinder, gentler approach.

The subsequent release of a book with the same title propelled Dr. Miller into the center of the emerging “natural horsemanship” movement and made him one of the most sought after lecturers at veterinary schools, equine symposiums and clinics on equine behavior. A decade later he made an updated video titled Early Learning – The Complete Training of the Newborn Foal During Its Imprinting and Critical Learning Periods.