Patients presenting with gastrointestinal signs can pose a challenging workup because the pathology of these disorders can be multi-factorial. Diseases such as IBD, pancreatitis, PLE, LSA, SIBO, Addison’s, and allergies may exist concurrently, so multiple tests, imaging, and other workups are needed to guide the differential diagnosis. A comprehensive analysis of GI disease facilitates a quicker diagnosis, reduces tech time and hospital visits, and limits resource use. This is where the Advanced GI Panel from VDI Laboratory can assist.


VDI Lab has assembled and integrated a unique array of tests to improve diagnostic efficiency for your GI patients. The Advanced GI Panel is a 12-parameter test that examines a range of GI diseases commonly present in cats and dogs. With optional integrations for Addison’s, cholangitis, and allergies, this single blood panel can simplify the differential process.


More than numbers on a page, VDI test reports provide detailed, visual, and intuitive information that helps make sense of what all those numbers mean. Their context-sensitive approach to reporting results gives you the most case-specific, patient-centric information, helping you to make important decisions for your clients. VDI Lab’s dedication to answers, not numbers, makes them a true diagnostic partner, and is what makes the Advanced GI Panel a new standard for GI workup.


GI workup doesn’t necessarily have to be a step-by-step approach. With a dedicated array of tests looking specifically at gastrointestinal diseases, the Advanced GI Panel is well suited for quickly ruling in or out a number of common diseases in any GI patient. When used in conjunction with ultrasound, your diagnostic pathway becomes simpler and more profitable.


Minimum training is required. However, it’s recommended that vets and staff attend a live webinar with VDI Lab to acquire basic technical understanding and to review case studies on how to interpret and implement the Advanced GI Panel. VDI Lab is available for case-by-case consultations at any time.


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