Profitable Practice


Digatherm’s system generates a profit and a positive return on investment in the first month. Since it is a diagnostic screening tool with a one-time investment and can be used on almost every patient coming in the door, earning potential is unlimited.
Initial onsite hands-on training with staff members familiarizes them with the Digatherm system, patient positioning, image capture, and interpretation of the images. Additional sessions of live, remote on-line training ensure quick implementation, good imaging technique, and accurate interpretation.
Initial onsite training of doctors and staff by Digatherm ensures immediate implementation.
There are countless applications for this tool. For instance, it can be used to detect and localize injuries, illness, neurological or orthopedic conditions, and aging changes.


Digatherm’s first veterinary-specific thermal imaging system takes patient exams to a new level, while allowing you to improve practice profits. The company’s thermal camera, integrated with a tablet PC, allows you to capture, store and share images with a handheld digital device.

With Digatherm, you can image your patients’ real-time physiology. The images give you new physiological information and important clues that create a road map for further diagnostics and treatment. You can share the images with clients on their devices, so they can see, understand, and become involved and compliant with their animals’ care.

By investing in and integrating Digatherm’s thermal imaging system into your practice, you’ll improve your hospital’s quality of care. Incorporate it into your exam routine to capture several screening images for healthy patients; and take more comprehensive screening images for unwell or geriatric patients. Modest fees for a thermal image screen, or an across-the-board fee increase for your examinations, will produce revenue that is instantly profitable. Practices that fully integrate Digatherm’s thermal imaging system normally recover their investment in the first year.

Digatherm excels in training you and your staff. Your local rep will do initial onsite training, to be followed by several online training sessions, thereby ensuring that you quickly integrate thermal imaging into your practice, capture good quality images, and interpret the images correctly. Digatherm makes thermal imaging work for you — and makes it profitable!