Miniaturized technology puts healing right on painful joints.

The aches and pains of aging aren’t fun. For our patients, limited mobility can reduce quality of life and become a life-threatening crisis. Painful joints caused by inflammation and swelling make animals unwilling to walk or unable to stand. In large breeds especially, loss of mobility is the most common reason pets are put down.

For decades, veterinarians and trainers successfully treated swelling and pain with pulsed electromagnetic field therapy (PEMF). While effective, its usefulness was limited by the size and cost of the devices. Advances in technology and innovation have transformed traditional PEMF therapy into small wearable patches. These devices deliver continuous, sensation-free, fixed extended low-dose PEMF therapy with no side effects.

The electromagnetic field is carried on a shortwave radio frequency, and emitted rapidly at 1,000 pulses per second. These pulses interact with the body’s electrical noise to activate sensory nerve fibers, and in a feedback loop motor nerves. The effects are decreased pain awareness, increased blood flow to enhance oxygen and nutrient availability to injured tissues, and removal of edema.

This technology has been successfully used to treat joint, muscle and tendon pain, hip dysplasia, IVDD, arthritis, suspensory injuries, and to aid in postoperative recovery.

Dr. Ian Rawe is Director of Clinical Research, BioElectronics Corporation, and the manufacturer of HealFast® Therapy, portable PEMF patches for horses, dogs and cats, and similar shortwave devices for human musculoskeletal pain and post surgical wounds.