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Companion Animal Health

Laser with new approach to dosing

Companion Animal Health unveiled the new CTX Therapy Laser at the Western Veterinary Conference in February. The CTX combines advanced features with a redesigned approach to dosing that gives the user an unmatched level of versatility and control over treatments. It features 0.5 to 15 watts of therapeutic power, and long-life battery operation for maximum flexibility in both treatment applications and locations.

It also features three different dosing solutions, making it an appropriate tool for the new, intermediate and advanced laser user. These dosing solutions include detailed, species-specific, built-in pre-programmed protocols. Also new in the CTX platform is the addition of a comprehensive set of exotic animal protocols.


Product study has positive results

UPenn Veterinary Medicine researchers recently studied I’MYUNITY ®, a proprietary medicinal mushroom extract to help reduce pain and fatigue, and improve energy levels, mobility, appetite and quality of life in canine cancer patients. The results show it significantly slows metastases and affords the longest survival times for dogs with hemangiosarcoma. Many vets recommend the product for nutritional and immune support, as complementary treatment with chemo post-surgery, or for when surgery is not an option or owners decline chemo. Read the full research online.

NatureNose Calming Products

Oils for olfactory therapy

Evidence suggests that essential oils contain powerful and biologically active live compounds. When used correctly, they can become an effective part of integrative medical care and behavior/training treatment plans. NatureNose Calming Products were specifically developed by a Certified Professional Dog Trainer for use in Olfactory Therapy. These unique product blends safely support emotional and physical well-being, and when combined with reward-based training lead to improved behavior changes over time. Humane and effective.


Keeps Omega-3s fresh

DHA and EPA Omega-3s from fresh fish oils provide many health benefits to pets. But it’s very important to keep air from mixing with the oils. Oxygen reacts with these sensitive essential fatty acids, oxidizing them and turning them rancid. Rancid oxidized fish oils may be harmful to cats and dogs because they can introduce harmful free radical events to the body – some researchers claim they can be a cause of some cancers.

WellyTails Fortified Wild Ocean Fish Oil Omega-3 Blends are packaged in a special airless medical metered dose pump system that keeps air from mixing with the oils. The revolutionary Stay Ever Fresh Pump System ensures that only fresh Omega-3 oils are fed to your patients. A special cat/kitten version and a dog version of fish oil and coconut oil are also available.

Tulane’s Closet

Post-surgical garment

No one likes e-collars, including clients as well as patients, which means people often remove them before they should following surgery. The best way to ensure client compliance is to do away with the old e-collar and put on the new adjustable-fit Cover Me by Tui. With this one-piece post-surgical garment, the pet can rest easier and heal quicker. It’s made of 100% Peruvian cotton, which is breathable, durable and lightweight. It even features a built-in potty cover. Your clients will thank you and your patients will love you!

Respond Systems

Innovative laser technology

Respond Systems announces its newest Class 3B laser — the 2400VS. It’s cost effective and durable, with touch pad technology. The 2400VS is highly versatile and offers a choice of laser probes, including a 6-diode super-pulsed probe, an 808nm 500mw continuous wave probe, and a lucid probe tip for acupuncture applications.

Respond Systems, Inc. was a pioneer in this technology and has been developing, designing and manufacturing lasers, based on scientific research, in Branford, Connecticut for over 30 years.