Millennial pet owners willing to spend more for quality veterinary care

Unsure on how your practice can gain the trust of millennial pet parents? Penn Foster’s online veterinary training can help!

Millennials are now the largest demographic among US pet owners, with 35% owning one or more pets, compared to 32% of baby boomers. They are also more likely than previous generations to view their pets as valuable, irreplaceable members of the family. Seeing themselves more as pet parents than pet owners, millennials are willing to invest time in researching and gathering as much information as possible to pinpoint the veterinary practice or service that will provide the best quality of care for their animals. If patient-client interaction don’t go well, or clients feels the staff at the veterinary practice they’re patronizing is harried, stressed, or lacking confidence, millennial pet parents have no qualms about moving from vet to vet until they find the right fit.

They’re also willing to spend more to ensure quality service and care for their furry family members. Spending on animal care increased 6.1% in 2018 for a total of $18.11 billion, and the APPA predicts a 4.8% increase in 2019 numbers. Veterinary practices and clinics that don’t attempt to keep up with changes in pet owner attitudes towards animal care won’t feel the positive impact of this increased spending, and could find their client lists dwindling.

Credentialing and training for veterinary technicians are vital to thriving practices 

With access to more animal care information than ever on the internet, millennial clients now have even higher standards and more widely available options to treat their pets’ illnesses. It’s tempting to focus solely on introducing innovative cutting-edge medicine and techniques to your practice to draw new clients to your door. But it’s essential to pair innovation and solutions with a number of trained, knowledgeable and caring veterinary technicians and assistants in order to inspire trust and confidence in clients who think of their pets as family. Besides increasing the number of millennial clients your clinic can help on a regular basis, encouraging skilled employees to pursue further training can assure a consistent standard of care for patients, reduced staff turnover, and incentives for new employees to perform their best, allowing veterinarians to focus on treatment, research and more

With Penn Foster’s online veterinary training, you can help your employees prepare for success while building client trust and growing your practice. Contact us today to learn more about Penn Foster’s accredited online veterinary programs.


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