IVC Premiere


Class IV Laser Therapy – It’s the hot technology for 2011 and veterinary medicine is buzzing about it. (Integrative Practice) The Road to Integrative Healing – Why a renowned veterinarian changed his definition of healing and began incorporating alternative therapies into his practice. (Nutrition nook) Food Labels 101 – Making sense of ingredient lists on pet food packaging. (Back to school) Put a pin in it! – What acupuncture can and cannot do. Antioxidants for Ocular Health – How these nutrients are proving beneficial for genetic eye disease. (Tech talk) Introduction to Reiki – This safe and effective energetic healing modality is backed up by promising preliminary research. Find you how you can use it to support the animals you care for. Evidence-based Medicine for Animal Supplements – Part 1 – Where is the clinical evidence demonstrating that animal supplements are safe and effective? Here’s a review of the evidence that’s currently available, and the limitations facing the industry. (Equine nutrition) On the Skinny Side – Once you’ve rule out health problems, packing a few pounds on an underweight “hard keeper” is easier than you may think. (Profile) Dr. Steve Marsden – Meet an award-winning Canadian veterinarian with a passion for the integrative approach. (Market trends) Team Effort – Ten tips for building a strong relationship with clients. Integrative Research – Testing alternative treatment options for osteoarthritis.