Real food for dogs - like Chi Dog real food - can foster real change in dog health

It’s time for some real talk about how real food for dogs can change their health for the better.

Your clients want to feed their dogs the very best. The question is: do they know what the very best is? Chances are, with all the marketing out there these days, they don’t. But as partners in pet health, we do. It’s real food for dogs. Used as both food therapy and as a meal guaranteed to delight the pickiest of eaters, real food for dogs is a switch for healthier, happier dogs.

The Healing Power of Real Food for Dogs

Real food is key to making a real difference for our patients’ health and longevity. It’s no secret that kibble — even expensive prescription kibble — is not real nutrition. Dog parents are increasingly aware of this, and they’re looking for healthy, holistic dog food alternatives to mass-produced pellets. That’s where integrative veterinarians can help – we are in a unique position to offer them practice-based support in a way traditional Western medicine vets cannot.

Many integrative vets around the country are already teaching balanced home cooking recipes to their clients – and the documented improvement in their patients’ health continues to prove the value of real food for healthier, happier dogs, over and over again. The proof is in our patients: real food makes a difference to dog health.

If you decide to make nutrition and TCVM food therapy part of your treatment modalities for your patients, you will improve outcomes in EVERY case – I saw it in my own practice, and I’d love for you to share in that success.

Making the Change to Real Food

When I first started practicing small animal medicine in California 15 years ago, like most newly anointed vets I recommended “high quality” kibble and prescription diets to my clients. That’s what I was taught in vet school. That’s what I knew.

However, as time went by and I established an integrative approach to my veterinary practices and small animal health, using acupuncture and herbs along with western pharmaceuticals in my patients, I soon began to wonder about the wisdom of recommending kibble.

My thought process went something like this: “How can dry, processed, high carbohydrate kibble be good for our dogs and cats when we already know processed, high carbohydrate foods are not good for us?”

The answer was obvious: they aren’t.

I started to offer home cooking recipes to my acupuncture and herbal cases, based on the principles of TCVM food therapy, and I was amazed at the almost-immediate improvement in my patients. Getting them off kibble and onto cooked, real food, TCVM-based meals, I noticed a multitude of health improvements in my patients:

  • Skin allergy dogs finally improved after years of slowly getting worse.
  • Obese dogs who couldn’t lose weight finally started to drop the extra pounds.
  • Picky dogs started eating regularly.
  • IBD and pancreatitis dogs finally ate well and showed marked increases in energy and attitude.

Of course, the dogs weren’t the only ones feeling so much better. My clients were thrilled, delighted to see the change in their loyal canine companions.

Why is Real Food Better for Dog Health?

You don’t need to think about it for more than a minute to realize that this makes total sense: how can you thrive when all you eat is poor quality, processed food? The same principle applies to our furry companions: how can they thrive when all they eat is poor-quality, processed food?

Because make no mistake: kibble is processed food; and processed food is pro-inflammatory, leading to increased risk of diseases like:

  • Cancer
  • Obesity
  • Chronic inflammatory conditions
  • And more

Real Food Made Real Easy with Chi Dog

We know that dogs should eat real food. As integrative veterinarians, we also know we should use food as their first medicine!

Of course, many of us struggle to even bother with home-cooked meals for ourselves. Recognizing this, and knowing that home cooking for every dog, every day, does not work for every client, I launched Chi Dog – a simple, efficient, dog-dinner life-hack designed to bring food therapy-based, home-cooked meals using real food, right to your patient’s front door.

Partner with Chi Dog

If you’re ready to become a part of the real food revolution, Chi Dog wants to partner with you.

Become a Veterinary Affiliate to:

  • Earn 5% commission.
  • Save time educating your clients on TCVM real food meals and offer Chi Dog front-door delivery instead.
  • Offer Chi Dog as an improved alternative to prescription processed kibble.

I look forward to working with you towards good health for good dogs.

Chi Dog Client Testimonials

"Within a few days of starting her new Chi Dog diet, we could clearly see a significant positive change in 12-year old Shelby – it was like she was a puppy again!" Chi Dog food was the medicine!

Since we rescued Shelby, our Chihuahua, she has been having GI incidents which were becoming more frequent. No one could find the cause. At 10 pounds these GI incidents were brutal for Shelby to endure.

Within a few days of starting her new Chi Dog diet, we could clearly see a significant positive change in Shelby – it was like she was a puppy again! (And we should mention that Shelby will be 12 years old in December.)

Our vet was speechless! The only change we made was to switch to Chi Dog so there is no other explanation. Shelby has never been able to get past these reoccurring GI incidents without antibiotics which wreak havoc on her beneficial gut bacteria.

Thank you, Chi Dog!

Stan, Julie, and Shelby

"Since making the switch to Chi Dog, Brutus is doing amazing. No more visits to the ER, he has gained weight, and his vomiting and diarrhea stopped."No more visits to the ER – thanks to Chi Dog!

Brutus was diagnosed with IBD. We struggled with many vets, many meds, and many diets before making the switch to Chi Dog.

Before Chi Dog, Brutus was not gaining weight, always vomiting, had constant diarrhea and many tummy tbroubles – all of which ended up with multiple visits to the emergency room.

This all changed once we started the Water Diet from Chi Dog. Since making the switch, Brutus is doing amazing. No more visits to the ER, he has gained weight, and the vomiting and diarrhea stopped.

Thank you, Chi Dog, for putting together excellent nutrition for dogs. It’s been a huge success and we will continue using your product.

Patty and Brutus, New Jersey



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