Hope Science Vet – real hope thanks to great science

Learn what inspired Dr. Kim Vanderlinden to start Hope Science, a company that provides effective joint pain relief for both humans and animals.

Dr. Kim Vanderlinden, a naturopathic physician and doctor of Chinese medicine, knows about the power of alternative medicine. When a patient who suffered from debilitating pain for many years was given a new treatment that not only greatly reduced his discomfort, but ended his suicidal thoughts and restored his hope, Dr. Vanderlinden was inspired to start Hope Science, a company that provides effective joint pain relief for humans.

Backed by years of research in labs and universities across North America, Hope Science’s cetylated oil-based formula for its joint product, Active Again, stands out for how easily it’s absorbed by inflamed and painful tissues, and how effective it is in fighting pain. In published peer-reviewed clinical trials, patients reported feeling the effects within half an hour of applying the topical cream.

Encouraged by the growing number of pain-free human patients, Dr. Vanderlinden decided to bring cetylated oil’s pain-ending qualities to the world of pet care as well. An animal lover since he was saved from drowning at the age of six by his uncle’s Lab, Cindy, he feels grateful to be able to give back by helping pets in pain.

Since he started with a natural product – Active Again is derived from a patented blend of food oils – Dr. Vanderlinden felt safe about making the transition to animal care. The formula proved to be a far more effective treatment for joint trouble in pets than glucosamine treatments, improving quality of life and extending longevity for animals across the country.

Dr. Vanderlinden also introduced another cetylated oil product for pets called DentaPet, to manage and improve the state of red bleeding gums, and organized a series of clinical trials to evaluate its effectiveness. He says it was very important to him to be able to show at every step that this treatment was actually making a difference in the health of patients. And it did. Red bleeding gums were seen to quickly become pink and healthy again. As Active Again has done for those with joint pain, DentaPet gives real hope for pets with oral health concerns.

Active Again and DentaPet continue to end pet pain, keep cats and dogs moving, and even save their teeth. “People are so profoundly grateful when we are able to reduce their pets’ suffering,” says Dr. Vanderlinden, when he speaks about the joy of providing relief to animals in pain and the families who love them. “I get to hear from veterinarians and pet parents all the time about how Active Again or DentaPet has helped, and it always makes my day.” This drive to improve lives and give hope when it has been lost has remained at the center of Hope Science Vet’s work from the beginning. Check out their products and extensive research at HopeScienceVet.com.

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