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Do you have a veterinary practice and want to start expanding without all the added stress of more paperwork and clerical tasks? It might be time to get a virtual assistant!

What is a Veterinary Virtual Assistant?

A veterinary virtual assistant (VA) provides a wide range of services including scheduling, customer assistance, administrative support, and scribe services to name a few. Most VAs work from home offices, and maintain their own equipment. When hiring a virtual assistant through a staffing service, they handle all HR responsibilities such as payroll and benefits.

Here’s how a virtual assistant can help your practice grow to its fullest potential!

1) Reduce Workload

Are you and your team swamped with all the mundane tasks you have to do on a regular basis? It’s hard to even think about expanding your practice if you don’t have a second to spare in your day as it is. Hiring a virtual assistant can help with menial administrative work, so you and your team will have more time to focus on the more important, pressing tasks.

This will also free up your time so you can focus on growing your practice to the level that you want to reach!

2) Reduce Costs

When you think about expanding your practice, one of the first things that comes to mind is how costly it will be. You know your staff is already working at maximum capacity, so you’ll have to hire more staff – which is expensive. 

Luckily, virtual assistants are more cost-effective than hiring in-house staff. This is because they use their own equipment, which means they require lower salaries. Also, each remote employee can help you save up to $22,000 per year, which means your practice can significantly grow with the added savings!

3) Reduce Stress 

Virtual assistants can take on all the work that is bogging your office down so you can succeed at a higher level with less stress than before. 

When you and your staff are overwhelmed, it’s difficult to perform at your best. Virtual assistants can help reduce the stress in your office and can create a more efficient workflow by taking on tasks like billing, receptionist duties and even a virtual scribe. This will also give your clients better and faster customer service, so you can help more animals. 

Want to start hiring a virtual assistant or two for your practice? My Mountain Mover is the perfect place to find qualified professional virtual assistants like a veterinary receptionist, a scribe or a virtual assistant to help with billing. 

My Mountain Mover makes it easier for you because they take care of payroll, equipment, benefits and more so you have even less on your plate when you are looking to expand. 

Take your veterinary practice to the next level and hire a virtual assistant through My Mountain Mover!

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