Data Science can ensure you are on the right path toward remission

Cancer treatment can be frustrating. You get the patients on a treatment regimen that you think is likely to bring remissions, but the results are not in your favor. The clients have that worried look on their faces, and you have to think about how to deal with the situation.

Data science and AI are proving to be helpful in every field of life. These tools can be leveraged in veterinary medicine as well. Machine learning models can be trained with relevant data to predict the most suitable treatments. This means if you follow data-based recommendations, the percentage of remissions would be high – more than what you expect.

Data science has validated its worth by accurately optimizing shipping routes in real-time, evaluating athletes’ performance, preventing tax evasion, and predicting incarceration rates. Data science has already positively impacted the healthcare domain. There have been a lot of advancements that have helped in improving different medical procedures.

Veterinary medicine also has a lot to benefit from data science. You can improve your practices by incorporating this wonderful area of science into your day-to-day operations.

As far as cancer treatment is concerned, ImpriMed has made it convenient for veterinarians to reap the benefits of data science. Here is more about ImpriMed:

ImpriMed: Your partner in the fight against cancer

ImpriMed is currently offering canine lymphoma and leukemia drug response predictions. They have trained machine learning models with varied clinical data to be able to give you the best possible guidance.

Their approach toward delivering optimized drug prediction profiles involves live cancer cells and testing them for drug sensitivity. They feed the resulting data into their already trained AI models, which evolve further to give you the best possible drug response prediction.

ImpriMed started its journey with an exclusive repository of extensive clinical data, which is now growing every day. They are achieving more and more precision with their drug response predictions.

When you order a drug response prediction profile from ImpriMed you are not only helping your clinical remission success rates but also the cause of animal welfare. Since ImpriMed started its operations, more than 200 veterinary oncologists have ordered personalized drug response prediction profiles from the company. The company’s science is also peer-reviewed and published in reputable scientific journals.

Samples can be collected from the patient through the fine needle aspiration method and sent to ImpriMed. Within seven days of sample collection, you’ll receive the drug prediction profile.


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