The AHVMA Foundation’s One in a Million campaign ran June 25 to July 2, and raised close to a whopping $450,000 for education and research in just that two weeks. “We represent millions of people who use complementary and alternative, integrative health care on themselves, their families, friends and animals,” says veterinarian and AHVMA past president, Dr. Rick Palmquist. The campaign’s goal was to get one million people to donate one dollar each to the foundation. “If each of us donated one dollar a month for 12 months, in one year we would have exceeded our research goals. It could change the way we practice medicine. We could fund over 30 major studies with that money.”

At the time of writing, the Foundation was raising funds for acupuncture research. “In August, we are raising money for vaccine reform research, like the Rabies Challenge Fund,” says Dr. Palmquist.

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